Therapy Session

Therapeutic Approach

Therapeutic Approach

My training involves both traditional therapy as well as spiritual practices

I design my therapeutic approach to cater to the client’s needs at their comfort level. My goal clients is to help them discover their inner strength, to empower them through introspection and self-reflection, which provide insights that can be used to create positive changes. 

Holistic and Integrative Approach

While the needs of the person determine my approach, I also incorporate a holistic, integrative approach that considers not only the present day individual but also their narrative, including the physical, mental, emotional, relational and spiritual aspects of their life story. With clients who are open to this integrative approach, I use the information derived through classic talk therapy with some alternative, more spiritually informed practices, (e.g., working with chakras, the inner child, mantras, affirmations, body work, Reiki. These methods provide a different way to stimulate the brain, and access deep emotions and often subconscious thoughts and beliefs, with the goal being to explore, discover and healing.


Healing is an intricate process which involves a strong, collaborative therapeutic alliance; studies show that the most important factor in effective therapy is the relationship between therapist and client.


We create this relationship through the work we do in a safe, confidential environment.


The process of healing involves exploring the self, discovering subconscious, negative, limiting patterns and thoughts, and transforming these into positive, powerful energies which can help rekindle the spark within you.

It takes a lot of courage to seek therapy. Knowing what to expect helps alleviate some of the anxiety.
  • Initial 20 minute conversation in person, via phone or video call, to discuss your needs and answer questions

  • First session involves an intake to gather information as well as time to ‘make contact’ — to begin to relate to one another

  • Subsequent sessions flow according to your needs and issues, using approaches which are comfortable for you