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Joanna’s yoga therapy classes have a lovely healing effect on me. The intention for class and the vinyasas are carefully chosen and interwoven to address my specific issues so that I can explore and let go, dissolve what is not needed, release my limiting beliefs. Once I feel lighter, I continue discovering myself through movement and breath, tapping into my inner power, finding my strength and resilience. Finally, I lay down for end savasana, and Joanna chooses just the right music, or poem, or piece of writing or mantra, to loop back to the intention set in the beginning, so that everything connects and flows back together seamlessly. This type of yoga class makes me feel like I’ve gone through a gentle, healing journey.

-- MARIA --

I would like you to know how much I enjoy your weekly yoga class. I find your approach to yoga meets my needs to stretch and let go of the stress from the week. You provide a comfortable environment through your choice of music, ability to gauge the needs of those in attendance and your easy presentation style which blends humour with readings of pertinent passages from a variety of authors. It has taken me a while to find an instructor who can provide the type of yoga that is within my skill level. I have been to many yoga classes in the past few years and will consistently come to yours because it is the best.


Great way to start the weekend relaxation in a warm quiet atmosphere.

Every class varies, with new challenges and different levels of difficulty to choose the poses that suit your body best.

-- ELIA --

I would like to provide a letter in support of Joanna and the yoga on Saturday mornings. Her class is excellent reflecting Joannaʼs expert knowledge and teaching skills. The class can be challenging but there are always alternatives provided, as there are varying levels of yoga participants, so everyone can have a positive experience regardless of their individual level.


I am very pleased with your yoga class. I find you very sensitive to the needs and level of the participants and very much in tune with the pace of different individuals. I was afraid I wouldn't be able to do yoga again due to arthritis on the knees, but I find that I can still participate and benefit in your class because of your excellent skills and sensitivity.

This is to say thank you!!


Thought I would share yesterday's OMG experience with you. I decided to stay for Flow Yoga with Joanna, what a fabulous choice! Her class definitely had the WOW factor, it was so beautiful and so harmoniously, creatively, customized. I wasn't the only one who felt that way...I think you have an unsuspecting gem on your team!

-- TERRYL --

Flow Yoga was my first exposure to yoga and my first attempt in trying it out. I fell in love with it very quickly, mainly because I really enjoy the way Joanna teaches the class. Because I was new to yoga, she made it very easy to follow and not intimidating if I was unable to do all the moves/poses. I also enjoy the lead in and winding down exercises by controlling my breathing before and after the sessions. I have almost been taking this class for a year now. I really enjoy Joanna's teaching method and she is very attentive to her students in class. She remembers all our names and knows where our limits are. I will highly recommend this class and Joanna as instructor to all my friends who are interested in yoga. I plan on taking this class for the foreseeable future and have been telling my friends all about the benefits I have experienced, including body becoming more flexible, having more strength in my arms and thighs, better balancing techniques, and more coordinated moves with my breathing. I look forward to this class every week.

Thank you Joanna for showing me what authentic yoga is all about.

-- CISSY --

Joanna is a bright shimmering light in my mind and I have no doubt she is one of a kind, a yogi, a creator. A creator of peacefulness and tranquility in our stressful world! I float, fly and dance in Joannaʼs class. She listens patiently to her students, encourages and responds positively to feedback, and spends hours and hours of her personal time perfecting each class. The music she selects to play with each sequence speaks to us. She is truly unique and we are very blessed to have her as our instructor.

Practicing yoga with her every Saturday morning gives my stressful days a glimpse of excitement and a brighter outlook in life. She is the sole reason Iʼm continuing my membership with Fitness Institute. I wish to take this opportunity to sincerely thank her and to let her know that she has made a significant and positive impact on both my emotional and physical well-being! Thank you, Joanna, for sharing your yoga practice with us!


I love Joanna's yoga classes!!! I change my plans around in order to be able to attend yoga with her because I feel so much better after each class.

Joannaʼs classes are always different— unique--she puts a lot of time planning each one of them. Each class has an intention which makes me reflect on myself and on the way Iʼm living my life. Flowing movements connect to our breath and in the background is nice, calming music. My mind and body are always grateful after her classes. I am able to relax, recalibrate and bring balance to my life.


It is always an uplifting experience to attend a yoga class with Joanna. She creates lessons with a theme and intention that provide stimulation for the mind, body and spirit.  Each class is unique and her preparation is apparent. Joanna’s lessons are always responsive to the needs and abilities of participants, making the poses accessible to everyone at their own level. She makes helpful and respectful adjustments and corrections to ensure safe practice for all participants. She takes great care to set an environment for reflective practice through her musical choices, yoga sequences, demonstration, and feedback.