Who I Am


Registered Psychotherapist

I am a Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying) in good standing with the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario. I am also certified in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and trained in treating anxiety using Play Therapy with The Canadian Association for Play Therapy.  I have experience with MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction), mindfulness practices, meditation and hypnotherapy.

My Story

At one point in my life, some time back, I became aware of thoughts, whisper-like, that gradually brought an awareness that I was no longer living with joy.

I was content to a point, but I could feel, right down to the core of me, that I had lost my inner spark. The joy I used to feel in the morning when I woke up, had dimmed. Somewhere along the road, I had allowed myself to be diverted by many of life’s seductive offers, and in the process, had lost myself. Although I continued to be grateful for all the many wonderful things that were present in my life, the whispers got stronger and louder. Still, I did not listen. I was determined to stay within my comfort zone. After all, the familiar feels safe and comfortable—so much easier, and so much less frightening than straying off to explore what’s on the other side! This familiar path is, for the most part, lit, an open comfortable, secure space. I can see what is here now, and can make fair predictions of what is expected to come. But, despite all its comforts, this path had long ago ceased to be joyous. 

Following the path not taken feels like a frightening exploration. Yes, other unexplored roads have, indeed, been discovered by others; but each path is unique to each of us! This is my unexplored path, the one that may bring me, specifically, joy and a sense of fulfillment. But I am frightened as it is thick and dense, and for the most part lies in the shady, dark side of the forest. It is so difficult to divert from this open path that I am on, where I can see clearly and walk with strident, easy, sure footsteps. 

What if, on the path not taken, I discover something I did not expect? Or, worse still, cannot find the thing I did expect—what if it’s just a tangled allurement that leads me to a deep, dark void?  But, I knew for certain the joy that I was often connected to for most of my life was no longer on the well-worn, familiar path. I wanted, needed a new direction!

So I started to explore gently, through a year of meditation studies, which prompted me to take time for personal introspection and reflection. After much thinking and pondering--I turned away from the road ahead and veered sideways, timidly stepping onto the new path!  Frightened, nervous but also excited, the needling whispers finally hushed as I followed my passion and became a registered psychotherapist. What a challenging yet wonderful journey that was! 

The Why

This new journey once again brought joy to my life.

I discovered a profound way to connect to others, children and adults alike. Therapy allows me to meet people at their deepest level, to support and guide them so that they, too, can find their inner joy-- the joy that we all inherently have as children. I look forward to my day, to inspire others to re-connect to their passion so that they can find their own authentic path and live their life with joy live a productive, fulfilling life. My own inner light shines more brightly as I work with others to rekindle their own inner flame.

The How

I customize therapy to suit the client.

I consult with you in order to choose appropriate techniques (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, yoga therapy, Reiki, intuitive somatic work, meditation, mindfulness, hypnotherapy) so that you are comfortable in co-creating the therapeutic space. The goal of  therapy with me is always the same: to explore misconceptions, beliefs and behaviours which set limits and barriers to the way you live your life. As you let go of what is no longer serving your life purpose, you discover and tap into strengths that will help you re-set your life path in a direction that is healthy and fulfilling.  This healing takes time; it is a process which we approach with patience, empathy and an attitude of non-judgement and self acceptance. Giving back to others the gift of healing, which I received myself, is extremely rewarding and has taught me to live more mindfully, with awareness, humility and gratitude for all the wonderful things life has to offer. I can support and guide you as you take your own leap, as you explore, discover and heal.