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Compassion helps you find the courage to follow your authentic path--to Rekindle and Bloom.

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Psychotherapy focuses on exploring, discovering and healing the multiple layers of our unique self. 

Rekindle and Bloom

Meditation is way to bring your attention inwardly so you can focus, release, and relax. Does right, meditation infuses you with a subtle, quiet energy. 

Rekindle and Bloom

Mindfulness practices have become more and more popular as both adults and children discover the positive results and joy mindful living brings to their day to day living.

Therapeutic Approach

How We Help

My therapeutic approach will vary according to your needs and preferences. Our sessions will include talk therapy integrated with an eclectic mix of other modalities. You will be a part of the decision on how to proceed with the sessions. You will also be given the option of including a 10 minute meditation at the end of sessions which will ground you and leave you in a more serene frame of mind.


​With more than 20 years of experience as a teacher, I am very comfortable working with children. Growing up in today’s world can be quite stressful for many children. Children can be faced with problems (anxiety, anger, grief, sadness, low self-esteem, excessive worry) that affect how they feel, behave or learn. Therapy can support children by allowing them to connect and understand their feelings, and learn techniques on how to cope with their feelings.


It takes courage to come to therapy. Psychotherapy can be challenging but it can also free you to live the life you want. Together, we explore habits and behaviours which are holding you back. Through therapy we aim to explore, discover and heal.

Yoga Therapy

Yoga therapy classes (private/small group)
As an experienced, certified yoga instructor, I often combine my lifelong passion for movement and dance in yoga classes. I also use my psychotherapy training to infuse my classes with the spiritual teachings of authentic yoga, guiding participants to integrate the physical asanas with their emotional and mental well being through mantras, chakra work, music, and affirmations. Meditation is a component of every yoga class.

How Does it Work?

Simple Process
Rekindle and Bloom

It takes a lot of courage to seek therapy. Knowing what to expect helps alleviate some of the anxiety.
* Initial 20 minute conversation in person, via phone or video call, to discuss your needs and answer questions
* First session involves an intake to gather information as well as time to ‘make contact’ — to begin to relate to one another
* Subsequent sessions flow according to your needs and issues, using approaches which are comfortable for you

Schedule a Consultation
Rekindle and Bloom

There are may ways to approach therapy including Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, yoga therapy, Reiki, intuitive somatic work, meditation, mindfulness, hypnotherapy. We discuss your goals and the approach that is right for you.

We Work together to Create a Plan


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Image by Nik Shuliahin
Mindfulness Yoga for Children

As a trained teacher I have been teaching both yoga and mindfulness to my students for many years. Children today are not given enough time...


Responsibilities, commitments and lack of support can lead to stress that is so overwhelming that it often manifests physically, mentally and emotionally.

Anxiety & Depression

Anxiety and depression are different but evidence shows that most people who suffer from anxiety will most likely also suffer, perhaps later on in life...